A Brief Lesson on the Economics of Coffee

Coffee and economics are not typically words that come up in the same sentence. "Hey want to grab a coffee and talk about economics?!"... said only economics profs.

Something that we hope to accomplish with Merci Coffee Truck is give people a clearer image of how that coffee they drink came to be (check out our last post on what exactly we think specialty coffee is). That transparent conversation begins with the exciting topic of economics :)

Many of us understand that economics are all about supply and demand, and that's about as in depth as I will get. Unfortunately the current demand for low quality coffee is much more than the demand for high quality coffee, it doesn't need to stay this way and we can and are improving this!

The exciting thing is that while commercial coffee companies don't often encourage coffee farmers to the pick ripe coffee cherries, there is an increasing demand for "specialty" coffee. Economics tell us that this demand by the consumer (us) will lead to higher wages for farmers picking these ripe cherries and incentives for them to get creative with the processing techniques being used at their farms. Get fired up about coffee people!

Ugandan Coffee Farmer loving his job.

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