Cleaner Grinder, Cleaner Coffee, Cleaner Life

You clean your car.

You clean your dishes.

Barista clean their espresso machines.

Why don't we all just clean our grinders!?

Specialty coffee is all about tasting the coffee for the taste of the coffee and not for the sugar etc added to the drink. We at Merci Coffee + Connections cannot emphasize enough how important a clean grinder is.

This is the first step you, as the barista, have as an interaction with the coffee (whether espresso or drip coffee) so why would you let old/stale coffee grinds interfere with the fresh coffee you are planning to serve.

There are a few ways that you can clean your grinder (do not use rice!). You can use specialty coffee grinder pellets, a soft brush, vacuums, and tooth picks.

*Make sure you take note of the burrs when you disassemble the grinder to make sure they aren't damaged*

Below are some before and after photos of our grinder in the truck after a short period of usage. Keep in mind, there is no such thing as cleaning your grinder too often. You will get a cleaner and more consistent grind, and this is especially important if you are switching between different coffees.

As you can clearly literally see, a clean grinder is going to lead to better coffee and we all know that specialty coffee in Chilliwack leads to a better life ;)

Love, Matt

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