Created to Connect: Starting a Coffee Truck During a Pandemic?

Starting a business is an intimidating thought on a good day, so why in the world would we CHOOSE to start one during a "global pandemic"?!

We know how important connections are for people and we are aware that in times when it's easy to feel alone the connection is even more important. This is a need that we see and cannot leave unaddressed, even if it doesn't make the most financial logic to start while people are nervous to venture outside + feeling financially broke.

Being a mobile specialty coffee truck we have the flexibility to bring great coffee and real human connections right to the people who might otherwise feel isolated, trapped, or afraid. When we as a coffee truck business reach out we are showing that we care, love, and will persist through these times for our community!

Every person was made for connections, and if serving a great cup of coffee from a truck in Chilliwack gives someone life then we exist to serve coffee + connections.

Love, Matt + Jess

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