How to Make Your First Year as a Business Absolutely Epic

You hear so many different opinions from different people when you are starting a business. Some are positive, some negative, and all just opinions. The great thing about opinions is that you get to choose which ones you want to take to heart and implement in the business. We tried really hard to listen, and weigh everyones opinions equally and take wisdom from those older (and sometimes wiser) than us. We heard from friends, family, other local business owners in Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley, as well as reading multiple books.

The 3 most common opinions we heard were:

+ Don't expect to make any money for the first few years

+ You are going to have to hustle and work 60-80 hour work weeks for a while and that's OK

+ So exciting, follow those dreams!

For the first two; we made sure that we were very intentional about living within our means, we set an epic budget, we share the workload, and I spent a good amount of time setting up a business plan up front so that we could bring Chilliwack the highest quality specialty coffee and service without tiring ourselves out.

The third opinion we heard was "Wow, you are following your dreams. Wish that I could do that". This opinion simultaneously made us joyful and realize that we are following our dreams but also gave us the opportunity to tell others that they should follow their dreams and that they can do it!

***If you are reading this, you can do this! You can follow your dream, the world will actually be a way better place when you are doing what you are passionate about and what makes you come alive!

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