Merci International Positivity Club

Why would a specialty coffee truck take a stance against anxiety and negativity?

It is so simple, anxiety is destroying people, their families, their careers, and their passions. I have become increasingly aware over this pandemic that mental health and anxiety are far more damaging than I first thought. In the Merci Employee Handbook we base every customer interaction from a place of humility and positivity. Humility, in it's simplest form, is taking a real interest in another person and listening actively to what they have to say. And positivity is a bit more self explanatory, we smile at customers and laugh with them while encouraging them to follow their passions.

Jess and I want to see everyone thriving and following and pursuing their most meaningful ambitions and this is straight up a main reason why we started up Merci Coffee + Connections in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada.

Chilliwack Specialty Coffee Merci Coffee Truck

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(obviously we do these things while also serving up Chilliwack the best coffee that we know how to make)

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