What is Specialty Coffee?

When you Google "what is specialty coffee" you get a few results... about 308,000,000

While we can be certain that a lot of those results will be reliable summaries of "specialty coffee", it's important to be aware that a lot of those results are way different from how we view coffee at Merci Coffee + Connections.

The easiest way to explain how we want to showcase coffee is by comparing it to a wine tasting. Typically a wine tasting will involve information (a story) about where the wine you are about to drink came from, how it was grown, what process was involved in bottling it, and they might even talk about who owns the winery or works the vineyard. This term specialty coffee is very very similar, to us it means that everyone involved in the cup of coffee you are about to drink from our coffee truck cares about the product they are producing and wants it to taste the best it possibly can!

Who is involved in a cup of coffee???

A quick/general list of people involved in a great cup of coffee includes: The coffee farmer, their employees picking and processing the cherries. The green coffee buyer who grades and chooses the best coffees to import. The roaster who buys the green beans and roasts them carefully highlighting flavours unique to each origin. The barista or business owner (Merci Coffee Truck) who grinds, brews, and serves with a smile a beautiful and delicious cup of joe. With my basic math I can see at least 4 stages with multiple people at each stage involved in your cup of coffee! That is crazy awesome.

Love, Matt + Jess

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