Why the Name Merci?

A few people have asked us about the name Merci Coffee + Connections. I think the "connections" aspect is a bit more obvious so I will address the french side of this Chilliwack Coffee Truck, here is a blurb from our instagram...

Why call it Merci if you pronounce it “Mercy”? The word came into early French as mercit or merci with much the same meaning as was later passed on to our English word mercy. Both words come from the old French word merci meaning reward, grace, or kindness. So whether your first thought is gratitude, thanks, or undeserved kindness we are keeping all of it top of mind in our service, design, coffee + connections.

Hopefully that gives a clearer picture of the heart behind the name, as always please ask us if you have any questions about how and why we are bringing Chilliwack specialty coffee!

Love, Matt + Jess

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